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Whether you need a garage door for your home or your business, we’ll get you just what you need.
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About Us

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Immy’s Garage Door Service has been serving Madison, WI for over 30 years. All the while we’ve held true to our commitment to hard work and the best service around. Whether you’ve just made Madison your home or you’ve been here as long as we have, when you need a garage door, turn to us first. We’ve got everything you need.

Immy’s Garage Door Service stocks models from the top manufacturers in the world, and we’re well-versed in their installation and repair. Our repair services can greatly extend the lifespans of our existing doors, and we’ve got a full inventory of parts necessary for the best and most complete fixes. We don’t believe in half-measures here, and our customers are better off because of it.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and a never-ending dedication to everyone who requires our services. Immy’s Garage Door Service will get any job done quickly and efficiently so that your time isn’t wasted, and our products come standard with limited lifetime guarantees. Demand excellence from everyone who does work for you. There’s no such thing as an unimportant job, and we’re in the business of proving it.

There’s no time like the present! Give us a call and we’ll show you our dedication and skill.